04 August 2005

Victoire! Victoire!

I feel like I'm hearing the chanting from that Stallone movie. Just talked to my bro for a little over two hours after experiencing some hesitation. He was pretty groggy at first and not very talkative, but eventually tv became a good jumping off point, and he was soon his know-it-all self.

Amusingly, he railed on blogs for a while without knowing about this one. I made a few comments, but mainly let the rant run its course: sometimes that's the wiser choice.

Best of all were a couple moments of complete agreement:
him: Do statistics ever make you mad?
me: ?
him: Like how they quote statistics all the time now. 1 in 10 people say cows are blue.
me: And they only polled 10 people.
him: Right, or...
me: Or they say that that means you should drink more milk.
him: Yes!
me: Absolutely!

him: I think exit polls should be illegal.
me: Me too!!!!

Ah, siblings. It's nice to know we do have a few things in common.

Happy birthday, bro!

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