25 August 2005


Rock 1: A week or so ago, I went to a huge gem & mineral show and picked up a rock chisel. If I'd had some serious cash, I could've dropped a lot of it there, but it was not to be. Anyway, I took my gear out in the yard today and gave it whack. Splitting rocks is very satisfying: following the grain of the rock, exploiting cracks and indentations, getting a clean break, and finding sparkly formations within. Much fun to be had once I find some rocks better suited to basic sculpting.

Rock 2: Despite my initial misgivings, I admit I've been watching Rock Star: INXS and even (gah) voting. The life-at-the-mansion and 3-note-piano-drama-building-music are tiresome, but some of the performances are really good. Being a longtime INXS fan, I do feel somewhat invested in this decision. That's really sad. I oughta be writing my local and state reps to keep tabs on the choices they're making for me.

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