18 August 2005

Just ten more minutes

I'm itching to go outside; it's really too perfect to sit inside, but I'm holding via speakerphone. 6 minute wait it tells me. Better than the over 10 that made me bail the last three times I tried over the last few days.

Grrr. I'm all twitchy, ready to pounce on the handset, but they're just repeating more useless info between the calming Gershwin-like tunes. Until later...

Well after all the hassle involved in getting an answer, I was informed they couldn't do what I was asking. Serious ggrrr. All I wanted to do was make a large (16x20 or maybe even larger) enlargement of a photo. They offer this on their site, but not on their paper ordering forms. Turns out 12x18 is as large as they can make an enlargement from a negative, the other sizes must be made from digital scans. The whole thing just grates because the larger you get, the less good scans will look. With their file size limitations, a blow-up from a negative will always be crisper. I get that the printers used have different capabilities... it's just frustrating.

Now I'm really going outside. With a book and something to drink. And I'm gonna stay there.

**2nd UPDATE**
Ok, so not so much calm outdoor reading as get in my car, blast the radio, and hit the gas. Ran an errand I'd been putting off for weeks so I'd feel like I'd accomplished something today, walked a couple laps of my short but moderately steep street, and watched the rest of my day not really go my way. Loaded up on carbs at dinner so that feels good for the moment; if I can put my finger on what to write, I might just salvage my mood.

Helena's written some great tales of her teenage experience of late, and I'm looking to reciprocate, but my memories feel fractured, and the ones in the right vein, unpleasant. In some respects, her tales have reminded me how much my current life has had teenage-like overtones and why the drama-free life of a hermit so often becomes my sanctuary.

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