18 August 2005

Furry thing

As is often my evening snack custom, I pulled the box of chocolate, brownie, caramel, something ice cream from the freezer. The box was within in a plastic grocery bag to prevent lollaphalizing*. The bag crinkled as I pulled it back, and from the living room Mom yelled, "Are you getting ice cream?"

"You're like a furry thing hearing a can opener," I yelled back after thinking dog and cat, but deciding they might come across as offensive.


Furry thing was now seeming the poorer choice. "You're like a furry thing hearing a can opener."

Her recliner clunked down and Mom entered the kitchen laughing.

"Like a pet hearing the can opener," I tried to explain.

"No, I get it. I didn't hear the can opener part the first time. I just heard you say you thought I was like a 'furry thing' and thought squirrel."

"Squirrelly maybe," I said laughing. "So you see yourself as a squirrel?"

She shook her head at the absurdity of it and kept laughing as she pulled down a bowl for herself from the cupboard.

*Dammit all if I can't find it to check its spelling, but my dessert is melting so I must mush on (forgive the pun).


  1. checked with a bio student friend and he thinks the term you're looking for is "lyophilizing" (freeze-drying) but that it's not really the correct term for what you intend, which seems like "getting freezer burn".

  2. Yes, thank you. I've been hearing it mispronounced. It's not quite right, but I can see how it came to mind. When the defroster in a fridge is working and ice cream isn't sealed well, the ice (if it's gotten to the ice crystals on top stage) can be converted to gas and sucked out leaving the ice cream a sort of mealy texture. It's not really sublimation either as it occurs under cold temps, so "getting freezer burn" is probably the most accurate way to describe it unless your bio friend knows another term for it.

  3. Your mom's alter ego is a squirrel and your dad does circle jerks, err, question mark jerks. What a vivid portrait you paint of your parents. :-P

  4. hmm, when you put it that way... ;]