28 August 2005

Politeness anyone? No?

OK, I'm back to feeling petty. Why with so many people my age (or thereabouts) is it not customary to thank someone if they send you something? Hell, even acknowledging it was ever received would be a step up.

To those who do this: is it really too time-consuming to e-mail me, "Hey- I got the _____. Thanks. Gotta run"? Sure I'd love to hear more from you, but this would at least satisfy the most basic demands of good manners. In case you were wondering, the answer to that question is a resounding NO. You're not too busy to do it; I've seen how you live. Finding five minutes over a few day span is doable for most people, even you, and is well worth it.

Instead, you say nothing. I didn't get delivery confirmation this time, so I have to ask you which makes me feel like a loser because I'm still catering to you. I want to curse the post office, but as before, there's no need. "Yeah, I got it," you say, sometimes remembering to throw in "Thanks." If you don't care enough to say thank you unprovoked, why do I bother?

No, giving something isn't about expecting something in return. Not exactly, anyway. For me, a gift is an expression of affection, and when it's received unacknowledged, I get the impression that affection is not reciprocated. With varying success, I try to remind myself you just have egregious manners. Work on that, will you? Thanks.


  1. Don't send them any more #$*@ presents. End of story.

    Ungrateful turd.

  2. Sigh. I know. Part of the problem is that their birthdays are the month before mine, so if I talk to them there's always the good show of asking what I want and such...

    My mom's ready to give them a talking to on family expectations. She gets the same 'what do you want' spiels, but then gets blown off even more than I do.