17 April 2013

The Shaggy Threshold

Typically, I let my hair grow out over fall and winter because I hate having a cold neck and it saves me some cash. When it starts to warm up in the spring, I'll get a few inches hacked off and then keep it shorter through summer.

I hadn't gotten my hair cut since September 26 of last year. I'm not sure why, but my hair grew longer than it usually does. Perhaps the lauryl sulfate-free shampoo and botanical conditioner I started using last year? In any case, it'd grown about six inches and was just touching my shoulders even with some loose curls.

Sometimes it would look OK, but more often it was looking limp, stringy, and frizzy. It would get into my mouth occasionally which I hate. Never could understand why anyone would chew their hair.

Just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore, the temperatures plunged, so I held out. Another week went by and it warmed up into the 50s and briefly low 60s.

I was beyond the shagginess threshold, even for me.

When I got my haircut, it was clear I was probably 3 or 4 months past her shaggy threshold.

When she was done, she said, "That's so much better," with a sigh of relief. "That's a much better length."

Happy to oblige. I usually feel about 10 years more mature, in a good way, after a decent haircut that transforms me from shaggy to 90% less shaggy. (With the shorter length, my curls rebound which never comes across as sleek, elegant, or coiffed. I'm mostly at peace with that.)

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