01 November 2012

Life of Art SitRep #143 Storm Surge

It's been a curiously productive week. After stocking up on foodstuffs, moving my kinetic sculpture into the shed and moving some other items from the yard, I committed to work. (I was going to link to some of my kinetic sculpture videos, but they were displaying an embed error message. Further investigation reveals one of bliptv's datacenters in NYC is down due to damage from Hurricane Sandy.)

I was sure we were going to lose power. Even with a contingency for that, I wasn't sure my computer would work. And even if it did, I figured we'd lose internet when Sandy blustered through.

So I busted my ass in preparation for the inevitable, working late into the nights preceding the storm.

I created 3 new digital designs: Green Polka Dots on Red, Green Polka Dots on White, and a Geometric Christmas Wreath of which I'm particularly proud.

Updated my Rocklawn Arts lens to include all of my holiday cards.
Get 50% off all of my customizable cards and postcards, no minimums!
You can easily personalize (or delete) the greeting on any of my

Offer is valid through November 27, 2012 at 11:59pm PT.

Rocklawn Arts blogged Light Blue and White Gingham Pattern, Red and Green Polka Dots on White.

Rearranged my store a bit.

Deleted discontinued products from my links file and updated some others.

At this point, I still hadn't lost power or internet and Sandy seemed to be on the way out. I feel very fortunate. Irene caused more trouble last year. I fully expected the bridge to wash out again; luckily it didn't.

I took advantage of the good fortune by watching Retouching and Creative Photoshop Techniques with Lindsay Adler on Creative Live. Seriously fascinating to see how a fashion photographer retouches her beauty and avant-garde fashion images. Soaked in better understandings of some techniques as well as some cool new ones.

Made another template and several new return address labels.

Shot 9 Halloween self portraits.

Photoshopped one of the self portraits and posted it for Halloween. With everything I learned this week, I could easily have continued working on the image for much longer. I still see things I could fix, but really, it was just meant to be a quick photograph. Had to give up my perfectionism since I wanted to get it posted before Halloween was over.

How did you fare this week?

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