31 August 2011

The Power of Water, part 2

Two posts in two days? Madness! (Or, you know, a while ago in the blog).

Note: we're back to my photographs now.

Here's what tons of rushing water did to the bridge:

Yup, that's a pretty deep gap. Also, all those rocks? What they used to fill the gap the *last time* part of the road collapsed from flooding.

And finally, a much more reasonable, though still high, amount of water coming through the culverts. More than 99% of the time, they're more than sufficient, but those rare other times, they're nowhere near large enough. Also, they become blocked easily when large debris is tearing downstream and then it's just a matter of time before the bridge floods.

I shook my head when I realized the town guys were dumping yet more rocks into the road gap to fix it. At least it's partially filled in now.

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