01 September 2011

And then there was Wind...

Though we got 5.5" of rain, I was actually more concerned when the wind picked up. Fortunately we didn't lose power, but about an hour after the sun went down there was a huge cracking sound followed by louds thuds. Peering out into the near darkness, I saw another section of tree fall in the backyard.

Probably not our tree as it happens, but who wants to quibble over the property line with an elderly widow? Turns out it is worth calling the insurance company though, even though the tree didn't crush anything. By some sign up promotion there happens to be some additional riders, one for tree removal. Sure there's a $500 deductible, but that call was still worth $500.

Overall, I feel fortunate we survived Irene this well.

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  1. Glad you weathered the weather!

  2. Me too. Now if only everything else were so straightforward... ;)