30 August 2011

The Power of Water, part 1

Note: I didn't shoot the following photos, but I did crop & tweak them a bit in post.

On Sunday, since the power was still on, I was doing my best to watch the last day of a live online workshop at Creative Live.

Of course, five minutes in, there was banging on the door. I half listened to the conversation going on downstairs. A fireman was suggesting we pack overnight bags in case the police chief ordered us to evacuate because the road looked like this:

Grr. I pondered how many days I'd need to pack for and then slid my closet door to the other side to look at my backpack/luggage options. It'd only been a couple minutes, but the door banging resumed.

The fireman had returned to say that evacuation was a no-go because the road was impassible. I sighed with relief while thinking, Apparently I'm one of those crazy people who doesn't evacuate. However, we were stocked for power outages and hadn't planned to go anywhere anyway, so it wasn't a big deal. Also the likelihood that the water would reach the house was remote.

The town made a good faith effort at getting the culverts of the bridge clear of debris but eventually took their equipment elsewhere.

The fireman returned one last time to say that we could still be evacuated if we wanted...by ATV over the mountain. He also assured that we could be reached in the event of an emergency. We opted to stay.

Yeah, so tree trunks in front of culverts, not recommended. At least the water receded after a few hours enough to reopen the road.

I don't have a proper side by side photo handy, but the creek being this high is insane. Usually it's about a five foot drop before you get to some shallow, easy-going water. Even when the spring floods come, it's nowhere near this high.

I hope any East coast readers that stop by faired Irene well.

More photos to come!

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