06 July 2010

Scene from the Candy Aisle

Striding along the grocery section in Walmart, I slowed my pace when I spotted bags of Lifesavers, Starbursts, and the like. Is that the candy aisle? It's been months since the store remodeled, but I'm still getting used to the new layout.

A few steps closer and I could tell that it was where I was looking for. Two young women – college-aged, early 20s? – each held a bag or two of candy and were discussing the merits of their choices or possibly the options. I was just soaking in their English accents.

"Do you remember when we were in New York...?"

What are you doing here? I wondered. They left the aisle, still chatting, as a mid-twentyish couple came in.

The tough-looking guy with a few days facial hair's growth said, "I feel like I've just been to Harry Potter Land."

His girlfriend laughed and so did I.

That was kind of mean. Right? He waited until they were out of sight to say it. Why did I laugh?

Because I didn't expect him (or anyone for that matter) to use Harry Potter to reference their English accents. OK, so not mean then. Yay.

(You too can overanalyze innocent interludes. Send $19.95 right now and I'll tell you how!)

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