19 July 2010

And the note cards go to...

Before I draw the winners of my notecard giveaway, I'd like to take a moment to address all of the entrants, you inaugural few. Thank you for your interest, feedback, and encouragement. Your preferences cover quite a range, and I am rather pleased by that.

When I posted the contest a week ago, I didn't have a particular number of hoped for entries in mind, but if asked, I would have said, "Many." Now I'm grateful for this intimate group: your participation is special to me. You're here as I take another step in my life as an artist. My thanks to each of you.

OK, on with the random selection! I'm excited to find out where my cards are going.

(run time 2:30)

1st prize: Jacquelin Richards
2nd prize: Merujo
3rd prize: Amanda from Germany


Amanda, you didn't leave a link or any contact information, so you have 1 week to send your address to me. You can DM me on twitter @claireofttat or send me an email at nomad_claire at yahoo[]dot[]com. (Leave a comment if you have any trouble with that.) If I don't hear from you by 4:00 PM EDT Monday, July 26, 2010; I'll draw another winner.

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