09 October 2007

Time to recover

Got back around 10:30 last night, and though that's not really late, it felt really late due to a ~3 hour flat tire snag. All things considered, it wasn't bad. I was content to wander the mega-outlet mall we'd stopped at while it was getting fixed. Had some guy not pointed it out to my dad while we were there, we could've been stuck on the side of the Taconic parkway. There's nothing for miles and miles along that highway.

For all my wandering of designer outlets there, I can hardly believe I didn't buy a single frakking thing. I do much more greatly appreciate the complexities of finding just the right pair of knee-high black boots, however.

Due to the holiday, the place was mobbed and many stores looked wrecked. Lots of people speaking French, Spanish, Asian languages, Dutch or German, and some languages I didn't recognize at all. (The outlet center is not that far from NYC.) Most people had multiple bags swinging from each hand or even rolling suitcases with them.

I could totally take a nap now. More to come on the trip once I can make sense of my scattered notes and I'm not so tired my typing is all wonky, but for now, I wanted to say hi. Ooh and pictures...I'll have to see about getting those scanned or transferred to my computer.

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  1. Rolling suitcases--damn, that's hardcore. But good for one's back.

  2. Thanks, Sizz!

    Cheryl: Yeah, it is pretty hardcore. I figured they might be NYCers using public transpo though. Carrying stacks of bags on buses, trains and/or subways would be a pain and scream out theft-target.

  3. Congrats on surviving the fam. Welcome back!

  4. Thanks, Michelle. "Surviving" is not an unfair assessment. Good to see you!