09 October 2006

Time to retire

For the moment, the t-shirts I no longer wear but refuse to get rid of have taken over the duffel space previously held by my sweaters earlier today. But what does the future hold for those retired garments?

Life in drawers or luggage without being worn is just more stuff taking up space. Why not just keep wearing them? Most are essentially irreplaceable: concert, film crew, and other location or event-specific tees with sentimental value, and several are starting to wear out. Some are just too large because only one size was ordered to accommodate a large group, and I'm well past wearing shirts that baggy. And then there's my Resistance Is Futile tee that's black with white lettering in a Borg-style font that glows in the dark that was so cool I had to have it even though it was only available in XL.

So should I make a quilt/wall-hanging out of them or what? What do you do with your favorite tees when you can't wear them anymore?

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  1. I wish I had saved my old shirts, but I got rid of them. Gave them to the salvation army.

    Here is a link to instructions for a Tshirt quilt. It looks cool. I wish I still had all my shirts

  2. thanks for that link, Julia. I'll give the quilt idea some serious consideration.

  3. Even though there are some t-shirts I have truly loved, I have gotten rid of many through the years. Which reminds me of a very worn out Tintin in New York t-shirt that I can no longer find, but that I know I never trashed nor gave to Goodwill. Perhaps it is somewhere in my attic... I have to search for it.

    My favorite t-shirt - the most comfortable one I own - it just a plain grey Hanes t-shirt. Go figure!

  4. Elisabeth: I have a couple tagless Hanes tees myself and they are comfy.