16 October 2005

Not just wheelies anymore

This didn't exist when I was a kid. Heck, we didn't even wear helmets back then.

I was channel surfing while having a bite to eat and came across the BMX Dirt portion of the Dew Action Sports Tour. Three guys on BMX bikes taking turns dropping from a high platform onto a dirt slope to get momentum to go up a really steep slope and then down and up again, but doing backflips, forward flips, 720 degree spins, and tricks where they let go of their bikes entirely in mid-air.

This is some crazy, but seriously impressive, athleticism.


  1. I love watching this stuff on TV. Whenever there's some "Xtreme Sports Sunday" show, I'm captivated.

    And, yeah - I had no bike helmet as a kid, too. And our playground equipment was all built over cement. Apparently, kids today have softer skulls...

  2. I can't help but love any sport you can compete in wearing jeans and a t-shirt.