08 October 2005


Well that's what I get for having my blog address as my signature on emails. It was exactly at the moment I clicked send that I realized I hadn't deleted it from my reply to my dad's email. Of course the internet wasn't being wonky at all, so it sent it right off. Damn.

With luck, it'll be buried below his message and mine before that, and he won't even see it.

On the other hand if you do Dad, just do me a favor and don't read my blog. Mom often says I must have lots of fodder for writing by living here and that I should write about it, but she always makes a point of saying she doesn't want to read it. Please follow her example.


  1. Oh, oh, oh... I left my little blog URL sig line on an e-mail to a possible employer the other day. God only knows what they think of me now...

    Live the dream.

  2. when i put a stat counter on my lj info page, i realized that page was getting a lot of hits from my parents' house, and at times when my brother was at work. gotta love the friends-only filter on lj.

  3. Merujo- Sigh. I want people to read my blog...except for a handful whose presence might affect my writing and people who might wrongly use it to judge whether I'm worthy of employment or rental space or whatever. I believe you understand.

    Sara- well, so far so good, but when they get home it'll be hard to tell unless I see him reading it because my stat page isn't set to count me, and he'll be from the same ISP. Friends-only is nice (though I know folks who've had probs with it), but I like all the other stuff I can customize with blogger.

  4. I've deliberately sent my blog URL to my extended family - just so they wouldn't feel left out (although I must admit I was a little embarrassed at the time)..

    What I've found is that most of them don't ever read it - they're afraid they might see me writing stuff that's embarrassing. To them. Or to me, even. I think that's what's going on, anyway.. But my mum stops by the blog every now and then and likes it, so I guess that's ok :)

    Best of luck, anyway...

  5. Scholiast- For the 5 years prior to my blog, I emailed tales to my friends and family, but the stories were all of a light and therefore limited tone. I didn't write nearly as often.

    I feel like my tone is sort of all over the place here, but it allows me to write what I need to write.

    If I gave my parents the address intentionally, they would make a point of reading it all. You're right though... my friends with the address stop by sporadically. I attribute it more to the fact that they don't blog themselves.