15 October 2005

Audblog #14

this is an audio post - click to play
(run time 0:30)

Send me into hyperspace...


  1. "Like some baby Barbarella???" That's hilarious - what is that song???

  2. I LOVE Jamiroquai. Even thought I thought they were Stevie Wonder the first time I heard them years ago.

    Is that a college acapella group? How do you post audio files to blogger?

  3. Merujo- The song is "Cosmic Girl." It makes me laugh too, and want to get up groove. :]

    AW- It is college a capella. The group is Amazin' Blue. I got it from a co-worker a few years ago-I thought it was from where one of her kids was going, but a quick google search puts them at U. of Michigan.

    As for posting audio files, I use audioblogger.com. The quality isn't great because it's over a phone line (and my cell reception is sketchy here), but it's very easy to use. Basically, you call a number and record over the phone, and it automatically posts it to your blog.