23 August 2005

tip of the week- Bug Me Not

If you're sick of news sites and the like which are free but require registration, try BugMeNot.com. You just type in the website, click, and they offer up an account name and password to use, so you don't have to submit your info to yet another website.


  1. GENIUS! I need to post this on my own site. People just *have* to hear about this.

  2. AND, I'm linking to you from my site because you are teh awesome.

  3. bugmenot rules, everyone must hear of it!

    And thanks for the link, I'm happy I stopped by your site the other day. I had to see who was behind that awesome winning Worf cover and your writing has me coming back. I'm adding your link right now. (well, not exactly this instant, but soon...right next ;)