15 August 2005

tip of the week- Adult Swim fans

If there's any particular show you watch regularly on adult swim, be vigilant of their ever-changing schedule. Shows sometimes change slots before the switch is advertised, and lately they've been airing things off-hour, e.g., starting at --:56 or --:34. The catch is that they aren't consistent about it from day to day.

If you're on the East coast and miss a chunk of your show due to one of these irritating switches, the adult swim shows re-air 3 hours later.

I guess for most of their shows it's not a big deal, but I'm really fond of Inuyasha which is episodic.


  1. do you think they do this to combat TiVo?

  2. hey Sarooo- most stations do it to keep people from switching stations. A show running late (ABC) makes you miss the intro for one on another channel, so maybe you'll skip the show you would've watched. A show running early (NBC) tries to suck you in so you won't switch to another show. The major networks got lots of complaints from the TiVo/directTv masses, so they don't always do it and usually not by much.

    Adult swim has me confused because they aren't consistent with it in either direction.