28 August 2005


Something's off today. Leaping to the wrong conclusion, taking something personally with little cause or investigation. A melancholy to match the grey skies.

Aware of it, taking action to thwart the depression I'm so capable of. The battle ensues.

The misunderstanding resolved without me with a mood lift to accompany it. But the darkness hangs over still because I gave in to it when I knew better.

Though I usually find my voice in my writing, I feel like I can't speak today. Loneliness no doubt.

Deep breath, drink some water, feel a little better. Maybe it's just allergies.


  1. Misinterpreting...someone can say something and I'll run with it, til I convince myself they hate me...and all they were doing was asking the time.

  2. totally.

    Amusingly, being pissed off later in the following post did more to improve my mood than trying to be upbeat.