12 August 2005


mogh•go's, originally uploaded by nomad claire.

Because I can't stop myself.

Read why here.


  1. Lol--my girlfriend loves Worf, too. I'm a STAR TREK fan, and I don't get it. He's my least favorite character. Is he hot? Is he sexy? Is it the bumpy forehead? My girlfriend loves BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER also--so maybe there's a whole bumpy-head-fetish going on?

  2. Worf isn't necessarily my favorite Trek character... I haven't given that much thought actually, but he's the only relevant one for Nickerblog's game. I do think Worf is a riot though, particularly in the later years when he gets to do more than be stiff.

    Spike makes me laugh, but I enjoy him more sans bumpiness. Yea Buffy! lol.