08 August 2005


It's been a low blood sugar day, but I'm doing better now post-dinner. Snacks may be required in the near future though.

I bought a quart of milk yesterday when I was feeling all gung-ho about drinking 24 oz. of milk a day. A tall glass at dinner wouldn't be so bad, I thought, but when I got home tonight, I just couldn't do it. Maybe later dosed up with the Nestle Quik I bought. Of course a low calorie diet and exercise are also listed when milk's weight loss benefits are described so we'll see. Plan B is just to figure I'll lose the ten pounds I've gained this year once I move out and my poor single eating habits resume. The poundage is fine for my ample height; I'm just bothered by the shift in how my clothes fit. Argh, I've become one of those women. Really should resume working out in more than the most minimal fashion, then the fit would adjust even if the numbers don't.

Don't forget The Closer tonight at 9 on TNT.

My bank sent me a baseball hat today. Though obviously for marketing, it still seems strange to me.

Most unusual search request coming up with my blog to date: blog spanked OR spanking OR spank "audio post"
Um, not on my blog yet. ;]

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