23 October 2020

Life of Art #557 [Snowflake Pattern Tissue Paper, Ties, and Fabric; Logo Ties]

Created Snowflake Pattern tissue paper in two styles and several colors and added them to a Snowflake Pattern Wrapping Supplies collection along with gift wrap and ribbon:

Created a Snowflake Pattern Holiday Fabric collection:

And also several festive snowflake pattern ties:

Click through to see more color options on a product page's sidebar.

Also created single and double-sided logo ties on teal and burgundy:

Pinned to boards at Rocklawn Arts on Pinterest.

Watched several sessions of the Adobe Max conference.

How was your week?


Plan Your Vote!

1. Register to vote or double-check your voter registration. 

2. Request your mail in ballot now or plan how you will vote in person. Early is better. 

3. Vote Blue!

Always remember polls do not decide elections, VOTERS do. 

Need to register to vote, check your registration, request a mail in ballot, find out where to vote? This site is easy to navigate: https://iwillvote.com/

If you're voting by mail, fill it out and send it back (or drop it off yourself) as soon as you get it. Follow every instruction to make sure your vote will count.

If you decide to vote in person, vote early if you can. Know your voting rights (e.g. your right to stay in line if polls close, what to do if machines are down, your right to a provisional ballot, etc.).

Vote like your rights depend on it because they do.


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