02 October 2020

Life of Art #554 [Custom Photo Ornaments, Business Parking Signs, Holiday Card Collections]

Created 2 new custom photo and name Acrylic Ornaments:

Created a What A Year Silver Snowflakes Business Holiday Foil Card:

New to my shop are custom metal business parking signs. See them all in this collection:

Also a new Biden Harris 2020 bold watercolor text political T-Shirt:

And Green and White Gingham Check Pattern Case-Mate iPhone 11 Case:

Created a What A Year Holiday Photo Cards collection:

and a What A Year Holiday Flat Cards collection:

Pinned to boards at Rocklawn Arts on Pinterest and made a new wall calendar video pin and a new Biden Harris 2020 Election Gear watercolor products video pin

Shot 151 photographs, 2 videos, and some more I've yet to upload. 

How was your week? 

On a personal note:

Register to Vote!

If you're in the United States and you're not registered to vote yet, do it now.

If you're registered to vote, have you double-checked that you still are or updated it if you've moved? Now is the time.

Once you're registered, request your mail in ballot. Commit to filling it out and sending it back (or dropping it off yourself) as soon as you get it. Follow every instruction to make sure your vote will count.

If you decide to vote in person, vote early if you can. Find your polling place. Plan how and when you will go. Check your state's policies so you'll know if you need to bring an ID and know your voting rights (e.g. your right to stay in line if polls close, what to do if machines are down, your right to a provisional ballot, etc.).

Do it now and Vote Blue from top to bottom, friends. Your vote matters and it's crucial we all vote in this upcoming election to oust Trump and as many of the GOP as possible.

Need to register to vote, check your registration, update it, learn about age requirements? More info here:

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