02 March 2018

Life of Art SitRep #420 Hand Drawn Fancy Easter Eggs Adult Coloring

Started the week shooting 5 photographs of snow covered trees. Culled 1, rated the rest. Also culled 9 videos and 16 photos from the previous week and rated the remaining images of those.

Applied my Photoshop knowledge to some images and text to create elements to use on various designs.

Created a collection of Hand Drawn Fancy Easter Eggs Adult Coloring products including a coordinating invitation set, tote bags, fabric, mugs, cards, edible treats, stickers, a chocolate box, and coloring pages paper pads:

Check out the rest of the Hand Drawn Easter Eggs Invitation Set and Gifts.

Created a Black and White Gingham Pattern with Custom Monogram Throw Pillow:

Created a Trendy Violet Graduate Photo Graduation Invitation:

Click any item above to get more information and buy it.

Pinned to some boards at Rocklawn Arts on Pinterest and created an Easter Celebration board.

Rocklawn Arts blogged Popular Protest Gear: Join the Resistance, New Vintage Easter Bunny Illustration Reproduction, Black Panther Movie Posters Collection, New Black and White Gingham Plaid Wrapping Supplies Collection, New Hand Drawn Fancy Easter Eggs Adult Coloring design. The latter posts are coming up within the next week on the Rocklawn Arts blog.

How was your week?

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