06 January 2007

64 F? That's crazy talk

But it's true. 64 degrees (17.8 C) in January in New England. (The average temperature range is 9 to 28F/-2 to -12C.) And the sun's really shining through now, so it might even be a bit warmer than that. Although this is pretty close to my favorite weather, it feels pretty strange occurring here now.

I'm glad the grass is still green though; it's depressing when there's no snow and it's all tan and brown.

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  1. I don't get what's happening with the weather. It's all kinds of strange out here in Chicagoland, too.

  2. It was all whack here, too. 74 degrees on Saturday. But now, there's a chilly wind and things are slightly closer to normal for January. I was still operating under the weekend weather delusion and forgot my coat this morning. I regretted that this evening... D'oh!

  3. It's cooled off some here too, but we matched the record high (from 1933) on Saturday at 65. The paper called it 'June weather'.