09 March 2016

BearWatch is Go!

BearWatch is early this year because it's been so warm. Except for rare bits of snow, it's all melted.

It had crossed my mind a few times and Sunday night, I declared BearWatch 2016 on.

Some people might hold fire and disaster drills, but I went over bear sighting protocols:

BEAR! + location + bear's heading

It's been a few years since I've seen one in my yard. There's been a lot of logging at the top of the street and I don't think anyone has bird feeders out anymore (which attracted them). Still, there's always trash days and a creek nearby, so you never know. Gotta keep an eye out.

Sunday night, I had a dream that I was on a small tour somewhere. I felt something touching my leg and thought it was a herding dog leaning against me. I looked down and it was a black bear. Not trying to herd me anywhere, just leaning into me as if to say, "Hey, I'm here."

A couple of small cubs ran ahead of us to a playground. The bear next to me was larger, well up my thigh, but I decided not big enough to be their mama.

There was some concern about how I was going to step away from the bear, but I was calm. I didn't want to do anything to upset the bear, so I was content to wait and walk with it by my side.

Though it was a dream, it felt like a wonderful start for BearWatch this year.

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