04 March 2016

Life of Art SitRep #317 Power Banks

A mix of practical, educational, and a small creative side pursuit this week.

Created some new templates and started adding some select designs to new portable Power Banks which allow you to charge up to three electronic devices at once:

Shot 64 photographs and 4 videos.

Created a Classic Black and White Gingham Pattern Home Decor collection:

Rocklawn Arts blogged New Classic Black and White Gingham Pattern Home Decor Collection.

Watched some short classes on Creative Live:
Advanced Photoshop Compositing with Jason Hoppe
Advanced Automation in Photoshop with Dave Cross
Understanding Color Space for Print and Web with Jared Platt
and the final day of 28 to Make.

Though it was the wrap-up for the daily creativity prompts, 28 to Make remains free to watch and download. I had done a couple of the prompts last month, but I started anew on Monday creating a physical drawing each day, following along with the videos.

Updated descriptions for about 12 designs.

Updated LOA file for end of month.

Made monthly backups. Have you backed up lately?

10 years ago on TTaT: Enter the lion

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