13 April 2009

The moment I've been waiting for

After doing a sequence of no-crunch exercises designed to flatten the stomach, I was still feeling motivated so I went downstairs to get the five pound weights to use when the eight pounders strained too much.

"Love at First Sight" by Kylie Minogue was still playing when I returned. Instead of clicking to its beginning to hear the whole song, I decided to play it on DDR after my little weight lifting routine and be really good as far as exercise was concerned for the day. Then I noticed something fall over outside. It was a small stand used for holding birdseed when filling the feeder. I saw a dark piece of a jacket behind the tree trunk next to it and didn't think anything of it even though I knew the bird feeder was already down for the season.

Then I saw the bear walk out from behind the tree. It felt like an awesome karmic reward for deciding to do extra exercise.

"Bear!" I yelled facing the window. I quickly put down the weights, opened my door and yelled again, "BEAR!" to be sure I'd been heard. I looked back to the bear out the window and briefly debated whether I should try to shoot, afraid he would move off before I had the chance. This is what I've been waiting for. I tore off my weight lifting gloves, grabbed the camera, switched it on, and threw open my window. Cold air rushed in: twenties with the wind chill. I zoomed to the camera's max focal length and started clicking. Considered switching to movie mode but decided against it.

The space by the window was narrow so the reach was awkward, but I leaned out as far as I could and kept snapping while sucking in my stomach muscles to support my aching back.

And now, before I deal with photos, I'm going to make good and play some DDR. Truly, had I not been standing to exercise, I would've missed the bear.
30 minutes of DDR and some stretching later... here we go:

Just prior to this shot, the bear was looking up to where the bird feeder had been.
dejected bear
In its place, she saw this caged rubber duck.
WTF, Claire? Where's the food?
bear looking
Sorry, buddy. I'm on the second floor.
bear coming for me
bear and wire vase
MS bear
At least there's some art to check out.
bears like art
Time to head home.
into the woods

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  1. How exciting! I love the way you told the story! It's a good think you were up.

    So, what's with the rubber ducky? He sees it and it attracts him? It was so cute to see it in a cage. Ha ha!

  2. Thanks, kilax.

    The cage with the rubber duck is suspended from a wire between 2 trees about 10 ft. up. During winter (and up until a week or 2 ago), it had held a bird feeder. Bears have been by in previous years (and possibly once earlier this year though we didn't see them), so this bear was looking for the bird feeder.

    The rubber duck is just a place holder so the rigging won't come undone.

  3. All this time I thought WTF meant something else altogether, something more vulgar. It's just an abbreviation for "where's the food"?

  4. Kevin: I'm going to start thinking 'where's the food?' when I see that now. I can certainly get cranky when I'm hungry.