25 September 2015

Life of Art SitRep #294 Super Cool

Just today (Thursday) watched Beyond Macro Photography: Into the Microscopic World with Charles Krebs on Creative Live. So super cool! Have a new set of camera parameters to consider.

Also watched a class on Cinemagraphs, also as part of Photo Week, but it was kind of meh. I've got my eye on a youtube tutorial for it that I'll watch when I get a chance.

In other super coolness this week, I went to Olana, home of Frederic Edwin Church. He's a famous Hudson River School painter that I know pretty well from high school Humanities. In fact, I had to do reports on both he and Thomas Cole. Anyway, it lowered my patience for the guided tour, but that's the only way you can see the second story of the house. And it's an amazing house that Church designed with lots of Middle Eastern influences. Lots of his paintings throughout as well as a contemporary art exhibit. All with a view of the Hudson River. Such a spectacular location, but then he designed the grounds of his estate as well: planting trees, creating a lake and carriage paths (well, undoubtedly his staff did the hard labor). Highly recommended! You can't photograph inside, but I shot a lot outside.

In less exciting news, I continued updating descriptions and tags and furthered my selective culling of products. It's all coming along albeit more slowly than I'd like.

Remade the following paper plate when I noticed it hadn't gone through with editable template fields initially:

How was your week?

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