28 September 2015


All of a sudden there were lots of excited greetings being exchanged. In my peripheral vision, I saw a girl seated on the inside of the booth across from us climb over a sibling next to her so she could greet her friend who'd just come into the restaurant.

They gave each other a big hug and then sat across from each other at the next table over, swapping details from the games they'd played today. The Mom who'd walked in with the second girl chatted a bit with the first's family and then sat down at another booth with her two younger daughters.

I glanced over and saw the girls were both wearing soccer jerseys. Different colors (and games based on the conversation), so different teams, but clearly they knew each other somehow.

8th or 9th graders maybe?

No rivalry, just the sharing of battle stories.

One described a hit she'd taken that slammed her down on her knee. Inwardly, I winced thinking of my own past knee injuries. "I don't know how it's going to be on varsity," she said.

The other girl's mom said, "I'm afraid for varsity," which made me laugh as I walked past because those girls sounded like they'd be ready when made it.

Enthusiastic, tough girls.

Did my heart good to see them.

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