14 September 2015

Insult, meet Injury

Like so many times before, I did my laps around the main floor and 30 jumping jacks to warm up for my bodyweight workout.

I went into my first squat and was suddenly in so much pain, I wondered if I'd ever stand up straight again. I carefully unfolded part way up which was also painful. Tested going back down. Nope. Stood up as much as I could and hobbled back upstairs.

That's enough of that.

Instead, I went to the floor and tried to roll out my lower back, but my body wasn't having it.

I hate that I don't know what triggered it, what was different this time versus all the other times I was fine.

It's been a few days at this point, and my back is doing much better (heating pad, rolling on Yoga Tuneup Therapy balls). By the time this posts next week, I hope I'm back to the status quo.

Fingers crossed.

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