30 January 2015

Life of Art SitRep #260 Down For The Count

Hey, it just occurred to me that "down for the count" comes from boxing or wrestling or another sport where when someone is knocked to the ground, the referee starts counting to determine if it's a knockout or worth some number of points. That's grade A thinking for me this week.

On the upside, I took a few days entirely off. On the downside, they were spent with my curtains drawn, unshowered, barely eating if at all (after my body rejected everything I'd eaten), and in bed. Couldn't even sit up without feeling more sick for two days.

Feeling better gradually. Showering again, opening my curtains, even started wearing pants again yesterday instead of pajamas. Very easily wiped out though and still leery of most food, so not much to show on the artistic front this week.

However! I am so stoked that Zazzle is now offering fabrics. It was on my radar as something I wanted to create this year, and I may still branch out to another fabric-centric print-on-demand, but this let's me get it in the works sooner at my existing shop, Rocklawn Arts.

Read up on the fabric offerings, watched the Zazzle Chat on Fabrics, played around with the new design tool a bit and created my first foray into fabric:

Been mulling over the best way to display fabrics in my shop. Nearly all products are grouped by design, but in this case I see the benefit of putting the fabrics together in one category. From there I might subdivide by color... not quite sure yet. I'll try to see what makes sense for the designs I add without being too many clicks for the consumer or overly cumbersome for me. Any suggestions?

The challenge is that a product can only exist in one place in the store, there's no ability to cross-reference.

Aside from the mulling and a bit of the usual twitter promotion I do, that's all I managed this week.

I am bummed to be so far out of my routine but am not pushing my luck. Hopefully I'll feel perkier as the new week progresses.

Stay warm and healthy!

(Links to my store or products on Zazzle are affiliate links to help me earn more so that I can continue creating photographs and designs. The links do not change the items' price.)

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