09 January 2015

Life of Art SitRep #257 Fiddly Bits

This was a week of odds and ends, more odds I suppose and fewer ends, so it may not look like much but the gears in my brain are clicking through variations and possibilities.

Shot 83 photographs, still lifes.

Finished editing my handpainted curvy pattern. Still some processing to go before I'm ready to share it.

Worked on waves scan and pattern. Decisions to be made on that one.

Made first Photoshop pass at another pattern I'd sketched out. Will likely evolve into two versions.

Made some new Photoshop actions and deleted a bunch that I've never used.

Backed up PS actions and presets.

Made monthly backups.

Updated the copyright years on my blogs, ttat and RA.

Finished reading Popular Photography Nov. 2014 issue.

Have you backed up lately? Updated your website's copyright notices?

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