23 January 2015

Life of Art SitRep #259 Groundwork

Photoshop's been a bit wonky this week. It finally confessed at one point that it couldn't merge my visible layers because it didn't have enough RAM. The geometric patterns I've been working on are getting more involved, but I dig 'em!

Finished 3 and started two evolutions inspired by the former.

Tried doing some computer tablet painting of a scanned hand drawn design but it looked worse than my mouse painting attempt. Need to do it by hand. It had been on the docket today but I was helping hold down the fort for someone who's ill. Doing my best to be helpful while giving a wide berth.

I drew another little pattern idea sketch. Did you know I tend to accumulate these on small scraps of paper? I have several little designs drawn on a torn piece of envelope. Yesterday I was thinking I really need a better system for this, use one of the little notebooks or moleskines I have, for example. But when I had an idea today, it went on that scrap of envelope on my desk.

They are always so easy at that stage, no logistical issues yet, no problem solving to do in Photoshop, no precision, no guidelines. Scaling them up is the challenge, giving the lines weight, adding colors.

Just drew a variation of that idea, it's what I had in mind actually, to mirror it but thinking ahead, it may be easier to accomplish building its mirrored image in from the beginning. Thank you, writing, for making my brain think of that. That one's more of a strategic sketch.

Soon, me hearties, soon. By the end of the month I'll share something new.

Also did some housekeeping in the shop, revising titles/tags/categories on older products. Have more of that to do.

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How was your week?

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