02 September 2013

Flash, Crash, Rumble, Flash

Kaboom! Rumble. Kaboom!

OK, I'm awake. My eyes were still shut as a steady stream of loud thunder continued. Good thing I clipped my curtains shut or it'd be lighting up everything.

I'd recently started adopting some steps to improve my sleep including blacking out my windows. I'd also stopped looking at my clock when I woke up in the night since that does nothing but stress you out about not getting back to sleep. (Ideally you're supposed to unplug it entirely, but I still need mine during the day.)

Boom! Rummmmbbbblllleeee. Crack!

Well in this case, I don't see why it would matter since I'm not falling asleep again until the thunder stops. I opened my eyes. 2:48 AM. Great. 2 hours of sleep.

BOOM! That sounded really close. Might be a good idea to see how close.

Though my curtains are navy and do a good job of blocking light, there are some small gaps between the tabs that hold them to the curtain rods.

The gaps lit up with a flash. One one-thousand, two one-thousand, three CRACK!

That's not good.

I kept watching the tabs and rapid flashes. It got hard to tell which thunder went with which lighting. I counted 5 and 6 seconds which was better but still nearby.

Too bad there's no clear view of the sky here, this would be perfect for photographing lightning.

A heavy patter of rain started to fall. That's usually a sign the storm is moving off.


Or not.


The thunder gradually lessened in frequency. Instead of every few seconds, a minute might pass, or two.

Finally it was quiet for a few minutes. Is that it? I wondered.


Not yet. I focused on my breathing but it was already pretty calm. My heart wasn't racing so that was something.

The booms and rumbles faded out eventually and I drifted back to sleep.

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