06 September 2013

Life of Art SitRep #187 The Undoing, oy!

The process of deleting auto-generated phone cases continues. I'm reluctant to post new stuff because I don't want it intermingled with the hundreds of products I end up deleting because they already exist in my store. So far I have managed not to delete anything I didn't want to, huzzah! I do hope it doesn't take all month for this migration to cease.

Otherwise, I did the usual posting to promotional blogs that I do.

Rocklawn Arts blogged New iPad Mini Cases at Rocklawn Arts!

Read Popular Photography June 2013 issue. I'm almost caught up, woo!

I've also been learning about some strategies I may be able to put into use but am not ready to talk about yet.

How was your week?

Two years ago on TTaT: Just Kids

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