26 August 2012

Wonder Woman: Mission's End

Wonder Woman: Mission's End (Infinite Crisis)43. Wonder Woman: Mission's End by Greg Rucka

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is an epic conclusion to Greg Rucka's arc on Wonder Woman as well as a key transitional piece to a subsequent run. That's the thing with comics, there's always more back story, more analog hypertext routes to follow.

In this case, I'd start this arc from its beginning in Wonder Woman: Down to Earth. Then read the Wonder Woman graphic novels: Bitter Rivals, Eyes of the Gorgon, Land of the Dead, and then Mission's End.

There's some crossover with the Infinite Crisis storyline in Mission's End. It's not critical to have read it first, but if you find yourself wanting to more about OMACs, try The OMAC project. I only happened to read some of those when backtracking from a different run of Wonder Woman.

Mission's End is really the book I was looking for last year when I read Wonder Woman: Who Is Wonder Woman? and didn't get some key references. Though Who Is Wonder Woman? is the start of another run, Mission's End contains key turning points that carry over.

I really enjoyed Rucka's view of Diana as ambassador and superhero sans the secret identity. Overall a nice collection of character driven stories.

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