17 August 2012

Life of Art SitRep #132 Looking up...

...or down the track as it may be. Still getting my bearings while trying to address some bigger picture tasks.

There was the usual minor stuff: posting products to promotional blogs, tweeting,
blogging some recent new products, reading an issue of Popular Photography, removing a couple items from my store's sidebar.

I watched some of day 1 of Skin. The Complete Course with Lee Varis. It continues live on Friday and Saturday on Creative Live. It's not just about photographing, lighting, and retouching skin (though that is the main focus).

One cool tip in the why-didn't-I-think-of-that? realm was about Photoshop set-up. If you're right handed, put your tools bar on the right side of your screen next to the palettes. If you're left handed, put everything on the left side. Putting everything together keeps you from going back and forth over your image to make adjustments/use tools. I set up my PS workspace this way and also reordered my palettes so what I use most is now on top.

I made a new droplet in Photoshop but it still didn't behave as expected. However I did discover some promising news that means I do not have to redo a lot of previous work. Made some headway on an archive issue that was giving me trouble. (Argh, iPhoto!)

How was your week?

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