01 June 2012

Life of Art SitRep #121 Doing it Wrong

One of the things I did this week was watch Lindsay Adler's Creative Live workshop "Social Media Marketing."

Let me take a moment to say that she's one of those people who knew she wanted to be a photographer early. She started a business shooting senior portraits at her high school when she was 15. While in college, she shot weddings and portraits. Then worked in London a while, then upstate NY, and now shoots fashion photography in NYC and London. 10+ years younger than me? Something like that. Anyway, my takeaway is that she is dialed in, so I'm paying attention.

It's one thing for people to tell you what you shouldn't do on social media but without concrete suggestions for how to approach what you should do, it's not that helpful. Lindsay's course gave me some things to think about it and approaches to try. My temperament may not be particularly well suited to social media, but I'm willing to give it a zag. We'll see how it goes (in part since I will start properly tracking metrics).

For a stormy week partially without my computer, I still got a fair amount done. Added a bunch more Belt Buckles to my shop.

I didn't finish everything I wanted to though. Thursday I wanted to get my methodical on and finish out a thing that's been a long time in coming, but my head just wasn't there. It was like I didn't want to be done or was afraid of finishing this next step. Needs to be done though, so I'll take another stab at it tomorrow (today but later).

For now, I will continue watching more of Amanda Palmer's Kickstarter (post) Countdown webcast. Her goal: $100,000. What she raised: over 1.1 MILLION DOLLARS! Fucking amazing. Now that's a life of art in action.

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