23 June 2012

Free info on lighting and DIY gear

If you enroll for Don Giannatti's Tabletop Product Photography workshop on creativeLIVE this weekend*, you can download some cool FREE PDFs on lighting and DIY lighting modifiers. The diffusers are not for continuous hot lights like they use on film sets, but will be good for flashes and cool lights like fluorescents or household bulbs. (Use common sense and don't put them close to anything hot enough to set them on fire.)

The course is great, they're replaying today now and it'll be live again tomorrow starting at 9AM Pacific Time. It's free to watch this weekend, so check it out!

*I'm pretty sure you can't enroll for the course once it's done (Sunday 6/24/12 at 4 PM Pacific Time), so enroll now and download the free PDFs if you want 'em!

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