04 April 2011

6 years of TTaT

Here we are again. It's hard to believe I was all paranoid about blogging 6 years ago. I thought about it for at least six months before I finally took the plunge and posted my first entry. Mostly it was my perfectionism that delayed me, wanting to present myself in a certain way that would lead to opportunities. It took a good while for me to deem anything worthy so I could even begin.

What the internet keeps reminding me is that as in "real" life, quality is not so important as networks. And I've always sucked at networking. Ah well, introvert am I.

This past year is the quietest I've ever had in terms of feedback. Not enough engaging stories in the line-up I'd guess. A few years ago that would've really bothered to me, but this past year is also the one during which I made the most headway on what I want to do.

So why continue blogging? Because I'm an introvert who likes to express herself, and it gives me a way to put my perspective out there whether there's feedback or not.

Aside from a few stray jerks and a couple of uncomfortable interactions, I've been very fortunate with the people who've commented over the years and the bloggers I've virtually befriended. I appreciate everyone who's taken the time to read.

On a celebratory note, I wanted to post a new photo of me dressed up for the occasion, something you hadn't seen. There's a bunch of stuff in my closet I don't have much occasion to wear. Well, none of it's super fancy so I could put it on, but I don't to prevent wear.

Here's the thing: all the items I tried on didn't look like I'd remembered them looking. None of them appeared as flattering as I'd supposed they would. Except the skinny jeans which are out of frame in the following photo. It's OK though because I'm pretty sure it means that what my brain is seeing and what's actually there are aligning more than they used to.

Could we be entering an era of clothes that fit? It's possible...if I ever go shopping.
In lieu of fancy, here I am in a t-shirt, very much myself, pushing my winter shag out of my face.

Here's to 6 fuckin' years - RAH!

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  1. Blogs are a great document of time unfolding. I'm sure you're not the same person you were six years ago; I know I reread old blog posts and am sometimes reminded not just of big changes in my life but subtle shifts in tone and interest.

  2. Very true. 6 years ago I was all about the writing.

    I just tracked down something I wrote in 2002 which had events from 9th grade to then, and I can see that even in the past 9 years my outlook/behavior has continued to evolve.

  3. I'm glad you're still blogging here - I have gotten behind on my blog reading since I closed up the old shop and haven't really figured out how I'm going to restructure my new one. Happy Blogaversary!

  4. Thanks, Voix!

    And yeah, I find a lot of folks from the days of ol' have closed up shop or switched their efforts to things like FB and twitter.

    I am pondering a sort of professional site like you've done, but I'm also not sure how I'd arrange and structure it. I think I might be reluctant to write as much and yet keeping multiple blogs seems like a pain.

  5. We started blogging the same year. :-)

    Clothes that fit = good. Seeing yourself more clearly = gooder.

    Congrats on 6 years!

  6. Thanks, Sizz! Long timers unite, woo!

  7. I was going to wish you a happy blogiversary on the actual day of but I was embarrassed because the sweater I was knitting for you wasn't done yet. Here we are four days later and I still haven't learned how to knit so I guess I better stop stalling and go ahead and say congrats on six years! I'm glad to have you around. Keep it up, okay?

  8. Of course you realize I'm going to be wanting that sweater. A scarf will be an acceptable substitute. I like dark reds, blues, and dark purples. :)

    Thanks, Vahid. I always like seeing you turn up in my comments.

  9. Over the past couple of years, I've found myself commenting on folks' blogs less and less frequently - just enjoying the words and a good read. But I know how vexing it can be to not get feedback. Has nothing to do with the quality of the words, for me, silent enjoyment has become the norm.

    Maybe I need to rethink that. :)

  10. I'm guilty of lurking sometimes too, particularly with blogs I've only started reading more recently. Commenting less lets me read more.

    And yet... I am hoping my words will have some impact on people and without comments that's near impossible to gauge, particularly since I'm no longer a stat hound.

    Also no doubt I am unintentionally comparing myself to bloggers who get 20-30 comments every post.

    Eh, c'est la vie.