04 April 2012

Lucky 7

Yup, that's right: TTaT is 7 today. Hardly seems possible.

My computer is in the shop with the hope of sorting out a couple of annoyances before my warranty runs out. Fingers crossed. Hopefully won't take too long but I haven't even heard word of the diagnostic yet. Only dropped it off Monday though and they work in order received. Been using my old computer and it feels like a Time Machine because new browsers won't work on it and the sites that do work revert to old styles. Had not realized how much I've come to love the current versions of gmail and yahoo mail.

Anyway, borrowing a more current PC just now and the keyboard is driving me a bit nuts.

None of this has anything to do with my blogiversary, so let's get back to that...

I meant to be fancier but ah well...

Thanks to all of my readers lo these many years. I appreciate you and your comments.

In celebration, I share with you the rad music video "I'm the One That's Cool."

Oh how I love Felicia Day. I'm not pulling off the cool anywhere but in my head, but I appreciate the sentiment all the same. Here's to us, we geeks of blog!

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  1. I am clearly quite behind on my blog reading, but happy belated blogiversary!

    1. You and your comment are appreciated all the same!