23 March 2012

Life of Art SitRep #111 Evolution

So… 110 weeks down and here we are at 111. Time to rejigger a bit. I still track my own efforts (and in greater detail) but how much of it really matters to you anyway? Not much, I'm thinking. Let's see what happens now.

Last weekend I watched Bambi Cantrell's Posing Masterclass on Creative Live. It was pretty great despite the fact that I'm not particularly interested in photographing people. She encouraged photographers to keep an open mind regarding subjects which did resonate with me. I'm not going to set up a wedding or portrait studio any time soon, but I may play more with what I've learned.

I shot 100 photographs. Love that it added up that way.

By taking the time to make another folder of templates, I've made my life a bit easier. I haven't earned back that initial time investment yet, but I've started by adding Purple and White Chevrons, a series of alternating purple and white V shapes which converge in a bold graphic design, to my shop.

With each new design, I'm now adding 52 products to my store, several available in multiple styles. This is a far cry from my early days when it was around 20 and an even further cry from my pre-template days.

Where does the saying "a far cry" come from? That's pretty odd.

Anyway, the digital design Purple and White Chevrons is now available in my shop on a variety of customizable gift items: prints/posters, cards, postcards, return address labels, stamps, puzzles, plaques, iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad cases, BlackBerry and Android cases, iPad/laptop sleeves, mugs, mini speakers, binders, notebooks, folios, t-shirts, messenger bags, tote bags, magnets, flexible magnets, coasters, buttons, stickers, keychains, mouse pads, gel mouse pads, ornaments, necklaces, tiles, gift boxes, water bottles, plates, napkins, placemats, kitchen towels, and throw pillows.

Crazy, right? Super cool, actually. I never would have guessed that I would be able to offer my photographs and designs on a such a varied group of items. And that doesn't even include everything Zazzle offers.

Check out the complete collection of Purple and White Chevrons products.

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For more information on products and sales*, follow @RocklawnArts and Rocklawn Arts blog.

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