09 March 2012

Life of Art SitRep #109 Sucked in

Every week, I work towards creating a life of art for myself. This is the zigzag filled journey.

Play along in the comments with your own pursuits if you'd like. (That's where I'll cheer you on.)
Didn't do many, possibly any, big picture things this week since I let adding new products to my existing catalog of images consume a lot of my time. But I finished, so there's next week to zig in a more balanced direction.

This week, I

  • Shot 58 photographs.

  • Created Navy and Grey Rectangles design, wrote description, and made product line:
    Navy and Grey Rectangles rickshawflapsleeve
    Navy and Grey Rectangles by RocklawnArts
    Browse other MacBook sleeve designs on Zazzle.
    Check out the complete collection of Navy and Grey Rectangles products.

  • RA blogged New design, Navy and Grey Rectangles.

  • Made Yellow and Black Chevrons skateboard.

  • Finished adding over 50 more Throw Pillows, Placemats, Napkins, Kitchen Towels to my shop. Huzzah!

  • Changed top picks in store. Also moved winter shots down and spring/flower shots up.

  • Posted 58 products to promotional blogs.

  • Tweeted, FB'd Navy and Grey Rectangles link.

  • Added tags to previous 2012 shoot folders.

  • Watched Sue Bryce Glamour photography workshop on Creative Live. Seriously great. If you want to photograph people, especially women, for a living, buy this workshop!

  • *******
    How are your pursuits going?

    Two years ago on TTaT: Far Out: A Space-Time Chronicle


    1. At first I thought that skateboard was a tiny press-on nail. Just an idea. :-)

    2. Ha! I wouldn't put it past Zazzle and I probably would offer them because you never know what people will want. I'll keep you posted if they turn up! ;)