29 June 2011

Wonder Woman: Amazons Attack

Wonder Woman: Amazons Attack32. Wonder Woman: Amazons Attack by Will Pfeifer

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

A fair amount of Wonder Woman's storyline occurs outside of this book which I found disappointing.

I thought this volume followed Wonder Woman: Love and Murder (Wonder Woman #6-10), but Amazons Attack! is apparently it's own run of Amazons Attack! #1-6. It actually backtracks the storyline a bit with plot elements that occurred in Love and Murder interspersed within Amazons Attack which is a bit confusing.

Perhaps Wonder Woman #11-13 aren't collected in a graphic novel since Wonder Woman: The Circle is comprised of Wonder Woman #14-19. I'm assuming issues #11-13 would fill in the gap where Wonder Woman goes to Themyscira, among other other things.

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