07 June 2011

Venturing out...

...albeit not far.

Definitely a nice perk for my first real saunter out since surgery. Having a camera with me on post-op walks is definitely the way to go since I end up stopping every few feet to photograph something. Keeps me from pushing too hard.

Surgical Notes:
1. The morning of surgery, my doctor totally exhibited previously unseen OCD behavior, which honestly just amused me. If ever there's a time to get a little OCD, right?

2. My anesthesiologist's assistant was a young woman who looked an insane amount like Marla Sokoloff though I couldn't think of the actress' name at the time. I kept thinking, She looks like that cheerleader from Sugar & Spice. Well, except that she was in surgical garb with a custom cap covering her hair.

She had the syringe of awesome in her chest pocket, something to mellow me out and keep me from getting anxious on the way to the OR if I wanted it. Hell, yeah! In my pre-op interview days earlier, the nurse had described it as, "And then they'll give you some bee-you-ti-ful sedation." Bring it!

When it was finally time to go, Marla's lookalike said, "All right, I'm gonna slip you a mickey."

Had she been male or unfriendly, it would have been totally inappropriate and creepy instead of making me laugh with its unexpectedness. Context is everything.

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