31 March 2010

Light It Up, vol. 1

In all the years I've burned brush, both recent and as a kid, I don't recall ever getting to set it off. But I got to do it this year, oh yeah!

Normally I wouldn't post un-showered shots of myself, but this one is included to give the pile some scale:

And here's the abbreviated lighting sequence. I broke 3 or 4 matches before suggesting I'd have better luck with wood matches. Even then, it took multiple strikes on a couple different matches to get one to light. What? I've never been a smoker and I don't camp.

3rd match is the charm here. The 1st two lit but went out before I bent far enough over to light the paper stuffed into the piles of branches.

I took over camera duties for the blaze, including some video I'll put up in the near future.

And back to work, cutting more branches for the fire:

As always, check with your local fire department to find out when your burn season is, if permits are required, and what the restrictions are before setting a blaze in your backyard.

Four years ago on TTaT: Holy cow, Batman! (Holy cow, indeed. Apparently I've virtually known Kapgar and Voix de Michele for at least 4 years!)

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