26 March 2010

Life of Art SitRep #7

A series to mark what I did to further my pursuit of a life sustained by my art each week. Committing to these posts is a commitment to action, because to have content for them, I have to do something. Every week.

If you have any sort of goal you're pursuing, feel free to share your efforts of the past week in the comments. Encouragement is also welcome.

This week, I
  • Shot 3 videos.
  • Shot 502 photos.
  • Drew 2 sketches.
  • Dealt more with customer service regarding condition of scans received.
  • Searched and inquired about the flower identification I want for a title, but still no luck.

Anyone recognize these?


What did you do to pursue the life you want this week?

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  1. Trying to identify flowers is the hardest thing ever. On the internet anyway. Every time I try, it makes me wish I had a "guide to flowers" in the house. Good luck finding the name!

  2. I know, right? I need some site with searchable metrics: height, color, petal and bloom types...

    Thanks for the luck, I could use it!

  3. Well my horticulturally minded bud got back to me and she says they are gladioli. I think she's right, they're just less obviously so because the blooms are past peak.

    Of course, if anyone knows differently, please leave a comment.

  4. What a great pursuit (which you've apparently been pursuing for seven posts now--sorry for being out of touch!). I love the springy flowers.

  5. Thanks, Cheryl! The series had a name change and then revision, so it could easily not have registered as the same thing all 7 weeks.

    I'm enjoying the pursuit. I find myself wanting to include more of the not-money-seeking creative endeavors because they're part of a life of art too. What's cool about the series is how it fires up my creativity in several directions and inspires me to share more of it.