17 April 2006

C'mon baby, light my vlog

This wasn't actually what I had in mind for my first vlog, but some technical issues arose which I'm unable to resolve for now. When we were out burning last Monday, I remembered I'd shot footage of last year's burn, so here's a taste of that:

It's good meditation. Burning brush requires attention: to the fire itself, the direction of breezes, the state of the wood you throw on: wet, dry, green, with pine needles attached. If you pile too many large pieces of wood on top, it blocks the air flow and the logs underneath will turn to charcoal instead of ash. Leaves set off a lot of smoke and should be avoided as they will catch fire and take flight if not sufficiently weighed down. Ignoring any one of a myriad of details can lead to injuries or a fire rapidly spreading beyond control, but I still wouldn't pass up a chance to burn.

(n.b.: If you now have the urge to burn, contact your local fire department to make sure it's allowed in your area and that you are in the proper season. If it is, then get a burn permit and call them on the day you plan to burn before you start to make sure it's ok. E.g., If it's extremely windy, they might tell you to wait for a calmer day.)

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  1. I especially enjoy the sound of the fire crackling..

    BTW, was that you walking past..?

  2. Dang, I can't access the video. I'll have to come back when your bandwidth is freed up a bit.

  3. Kevin: doh! It just worked for me now, but it's hosted at blip.tv for free, so I'm not really sure how things work with their bandwidth.

  4. The sound of the windchimes against the crackle of the fire is a neat effect. Coolness.